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Welcome to The Black Sheep

The Rogue Valley’s own British Public House brimming with eclectic fayre, libation, Patrons and conversation!  Located upstairs on the Plaza we boast a smashing view of the mountains for your dining pleasure. Our team of artisan Chefs prepares our splendid, homemade cuisine special for you.  Together they have earned a reputation for presenting our Patrons with some of the most creative and delightfully unusual meals in the valley.

The Black Sheep offers traditional recipes along with nightly game specials, fresh seafood from the fishmonger, and vegetarian entrees featuring locally grown organic produce.  While savouring an enlivening meal or potable, you are invited to browse our assortment of reading material, enjoy a game of darts, pub puzzles, cards, chess, checkers, backgammon or Scrabble.  Or maybe you’d rather relax on the couch, gather near the crackling fire, catch a soccer match on the wide screen HDTV, make a telephone call in the British phone box or engage in a lively conversation with a new found friend. And for those of you who travel with laptops, we offer Free Wireless Internet Access.

We aim to provide our patrons with attentive and timely service with a smile, and better yet, entertaining service with style.  Because the way we see it, each delighted customer is a direct reflection of the Flock’s combined efforts. With excellence and pride in each stage of our preparation and service, we aspire to The Black Sheep's own standards of smashingly splendid, brilliantly wonderful, and all around jolly good!  The Black Sheep endorses individual freedom, social responsibility, and a well-developed sense of humor.  The Black Sheep is more than just a restaurant; it's a way of life!  So whether you need to feed your hunger, quench your thirst, or entertain your mind, The Black Sheep is “Where You Belong”.  We invite you to relax with us and enjoy yourself in an atmosphere with more than a hint of eccentricity!

Susan Chester, Proprietor

Inside the Great Red Doors
From the distance The Black Sheep appears like a pirate ship to me. As I skid down the dirt track behind the liquor store, I imagine a Jolly Roger flying up high in the wind above the steeples and laugh to myself at the image. The distinct odor of barley and hops wafts from the brewery as I stroll across the parking lot, triggering the memory of when the brambles caught fire one summer, nearly burning a lot full of cars, including my own. I pause for a moment to view the soothing, dark green mountain looming behind the downtown plaza. Its silent presence fills me with a feeling of security and awe.

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